Did you receive LUCY from your employer?

LUCY is for all new & expecting parents.

We support any path to parenthood, including people seeking to become parents via adoption or surrogacy; lesbian, gay and transgender parents; first time, second time, third time (and more!) parents & solo moms and dads.

We do this via:

Expert guidance from pregnancy through baby's first 6 months

In-home or virtual sessions with LUCY’s extensive provider network

Personally tailored recommendations based on your family’s needs

24/7 support via our LUCY messaging system

Being confident parents

is the first step to having confident kids

I received LUCY from my company
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How it works:


Activate your LUCY package now

Your company provides LUCY as a benefit to you and your family. Yay! Click here to activate.


Create your LUCY account

Complete a brief (we promise!) survey. This will help us get to know a little bit about you, your family and your needs and enable us to put together a recommended session plan.


Schedule your first session

Based on your survey answers, we'll recommend your first LUCY session. Schedule the session at your convenience.


Meet with a LUCY expert

A LUCY expert will meet you 1:1 at your house or over video chat. The appointments take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on your needs. After this, you're on to session 2!

What some of our Moms & Dads are saying about us...

"With LUCY we were able to be more independent, more confident, and we actually got to enjoy this process of being new parents instead of stressing out. LUCY took the level of support I thought I would be getting from my doctor and my pediatrician, and multiplied it by 10."

Olivia R.

mom to 10-month-old Lionel

"It was nice to have a layer of support especially since my family isn’t super close geographically. Our sleep and lactation consultations were probably the highlight. The experts’ professional opinions really inspired a lot of confidence for me and my husband as new parents."

Nathalie C.

mom to 5-month-old Gates

"For us, the LUCY lactation consultation right after birth was key. It was so nice not to have to find someone or do a Google search. We just reached out to LUCY: 'Oh you have one? Great! Send her!' We didn’t have to put any effort into this and it was extra nice that we didn’t have to think about cost, either."

Nicole F.

mom to 7-month-old Ivy

The lowdown on LUCY sessions:

We currently offer more than 40 different sessions, covering pregnancy through your baby’s newborn days. Our sessions were created based on the most up-to-date medical recommendations from the American Congress of Obstetricians & Gynecologists and the American Academy of Pediatrics.


Nursing prep and support pre- and post-baby. (We can even come to your hospital room!)

Newborn Prep

Everything you need to feel educated & prepared for baby's arrival.


Feel your best with massage, nutrition & fitness tailored to prenatal and postpartum needs.

Immediate Post-Birth Support

In-home care for those first few months after baby's arrival.

Career Coaching

Support for the transition from work to leave and back-to-work.

Gear & Safety

Product recommendations & tips for creating a safe nursery & home environment.

Sleep Consulting

Help with newborn sleep schedules so everyone in the family gets some much needed zzzz's.

Baby Love

Prepare for upcoming developmental milestones, including starting solids.

Sessions are 1:1 and take place in your home or virtually.

Meet a few of our experts.

LUCY experts are prenatal and postpartum providers with the highest level of certification in their areas of specialty. In order to work with LUCY families, all experts must go through a rigorous hiring process, including background and licensure checks.

Sessions are scheduled at your convenience — nights & weekends, included.


01 Why do I need LUCY? Can’t I take these same types of classes elsewhere?

You can, it’s true. But what we offer at LUCY is a level of convenience and personalization that you won’t get through traditional in-person group sessions. LUCY can replace any or all of the prenatal or postpartum classes typically recommended with 1:1 in-person (in-home!) sessions. No Googling to find experts, no scheduling hassles. Most OB practices don’t offer anything beyond the delivery of your baby. That’s where LUCY steps in. For instance, within a day of birth, we can have a LUCY lactation expert at your hospital room to ensure a smooth start to your nursing relationship. Plus, since LUCY is a gift from your employer, there is no cost to you for any LUCY session.

02 My company doesn’t offer LUCY. Can I still use it?

Right now, LUCY is offered as an employee benefit. If your company doesn’t offer LUCY, but you’d like it to, fill out this short form and we’ll be in touch with your benefits team.


03 My company offers LUCY, but I haven’t received it. What should I do?

We’re sorry to hear that! If your company is offering LUCY as a benefit and you’re an expecting or new parent, you should be eligible to receive LUCY. You can: check in with your benefits contact or, check in with us.


04 What if I don’t like the session(s) that have been recommended?

That’s OK. While we strive to recommend the right sessions for every family, this is your experience and we are happy to accommodate session swaps. We have a long list of sessions for both prenatal and postpartum and you are also welcome to repeat sessions — i.e. Lactation support or massage. Simply contact us and we’ll help you find the perfect session.

05 What if I need to reschedule or cancel a session?

Not a problem. We ask for as much advance notice as possible so that we can alert our experts, but we will always do our best to accommodate your needs. Email us and someone from our team will help you ASAP.

06 Do sessions have to be at my house?

No. Some of our sessions, like massage or pelvic physical therapy, can be done outside of the home. Others, like sleep consultations, can be done virtually. We do recommend that given the more private nature of certain sessions, such as lactation support or parenting coaching, that these take place at your home.

07 How many sessions do I get? What if I want/need more sessions?

The number of sessions depends on the package offered by your employer. However, if you would like more sessions, we can definitely make that happen and handle scheduling and payment. Email lucy@startwithlucy.com to learn more.

08 How does the 24/7 LUCY messaging work?

Shortly after creating your account, we’ll get you set up with a phone number that you can use to text LUCY. You can text us questions about pretty much anything related to pregnancy, babies or postpartum recovery. (Standard disclosure though: This is not a medical service and is not intended to be used for medical advice.) Depending on the nature of your question, we’ll route it to the appropriate expert and get an answer for you ASAP.