You Support New Families. We Support You.

By partnering with prenatal and postpartum experts, LUCY is able to provide care to new and expecting parents at a time when they need it the most.

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How does LUCY work?

LUCY is a benefit sold to employers to gift to their expecting employees. LUCY packages include in-home or virtual sessions with a wide range of supportive experts. We provide all LUCY families with a recommended session plan that takes into account their unique needs and wants.

We support any path to parenthood, including people seeking to become parents via adoption or surrogacy; lesbian, gay and transgender parents; first time, second time, third time (and more!) parents & solo moms and dads.

As a LUCY expert, you are able to:

Work with a diverse group of families

Work with, and be a key part of, a new family's support team

Claim sessions in your area of expertise

Schedule LUCY sessions around your current client base

Take on more (or fewer) sessions as your needs and schedule change

What some of our current experts say about working with LUCY...

“I am a neonatal intensive care dietitian and a lactation consultant. Working with LUCY provides an avenue for me to use both of these skill sets. I like that it is flexible, and I am able to work around my schedule. I have truly enjoyed meeting LUCY families in their own homes where I can help in real life situations. It is rewarding to be a part of mom and baby's success."

Olivia Mayer, RD & IBCLC

Pediatric nutrition & lactation

"Partnering with LUCY is one of the best ways I've found to expand my practice. The ease of scheduling and follow up with clients is unmatched, and it's wonderful to collaborate with other fantastic experts that help care for LUCY families."

Sage Bearman, CNM & NP

Birth & Newborn Prep

"I was so lucky to find LUCY when I was just beginning my own private practice. My passion is in supporting new parents through one of the biggest transitions of their lives, and I've felt so fortunate to work with incredible LUCY families. I find the unique sessions I do as a LUCY provider a fun and engaging complement to the work I do in my own practice."

Christina Zach, MFT

Parent Coaching

"I am a massage therapist and doula and love working with LUCY providing prenatal and postpartum massage to their clients. They do a wonderful job of combining services to support their families and are a true gift the community."

Elizabeth Anderson, CMT & CD(DONA)

Doula & Massage Services

Our expertise runs deep...


Childhood Development

Marriage & Family Therapy

Career Coaching

Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness

Prenatal & Postpartum Massage


Pediatric Nutrition

Birth & Newborn Prep

Sleep Consulting

Baby Gear & Safety

Parenting Coaching

...and that's just the start.

Come work with us:

If you're a prenatal, postpartum or early childhood expert, we’d love to meet you! Our hiring process involves getting to know you, checking professional references and a phone or in-person interview.

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01 Do I have to make any sort of formal commitment to work with LUCY? What if my schedule fills up?

Working with LUCY does not require a commitment of a certain number of hours per week or per month. We understand that flexible work schedules and current client commitments are important, which is why LUCY session scheduling is entirely up to you — you can claim a session or not. That said, when sending out session scheduling requests, we do give priority to experts who are able to offer more hours to LUCY families.

02 How much money can I earn working with LUCY?

We pay a competitive rate that takes into account session type, duration & format (i.e. virtual vs. in-home). The more families you work with, the more you can earn. We pay the first of every month for sessions that were completed in the previous month. Because we absorb the costs of customer acquisition and marketing, the amount you earn per session does not have to go to offset any the usual costs of doing business.

03 Do I have to travel to see families?

As much as possible, we try to match you with families in close geographic proximity to your home so that you’re never traveling more than 15 miles for a session. In rare cases where a family lives further away, we compensate accordingly.