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Help your employees transition to parenthood and back-to-work with confidence.

Millennials are the largest generation in history and recently surpassed GenX to become the largest share of the workforce. Why does this matter? 80% of babies born last year were born to Millennial parents.

Retain more women and reduce attrition costs

Create a family-friendly culture

Save money on expensive health claims

Enable your employees to grow their careers while growing a family

24/7 LUCY Line

Any time between your expecting employees and their LUCY care team

1:1 sessions

Sessions included in your employees roadmap are in person, at home, or virtual


LUCY care plans are personalized to the unique needs and preference of each family.

Experts you can trust

All our experts are certified and vetted

LUCY helps your employees to

love the family they grow and grow the career they love.

What we offer:

Every employee who uses LUCY receives a fully personalized and customizable session plan. Session plans span pregnancy through baby's first year and are conducted by our team of licensed, vetted health and wellness experts.

We offer more than 40 different sessions!

A sample plan:

Pre-birth Planning for Labor & Birth

Review your labor and delivery preferences and priorities and anticipate the sorts of decisions your hospital care team will ask of you and your partner, especially after your baby is born. This session can also cover the writing of a birth plan if you choose.

With a certified Birth Doula

Pre-birth Parenting on the Same Page

Discuss what’s most important to you and your partner as you start your family and set expectations for new parenthood, ensuring you’re both on the same page from Day 1.

With a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Pre-birth Breastfeeding Prep

A lesson in latch and positioning techniques, overview of feeding schedules, and tips for partner involvement to set you up for success in those first few days. For experienced parents, refresh your memories and develop new strategies to tackle any previous nursing challenges.

With a certified Lactation Consultant

Post-birth Nursing Support

Hands-on support in those first days or weeks after baby’s arrival. A lactation consultant can help with issues & questions around latch, milk supply, nipple discomfort, positioning, baby’s interest, timing of feeds, pumping and more.

With a certified Lactation Consultant

Post-birth Establishing Good Sleep Habits

Newborns need a lot of sleep — but that doesn’t mean they won’t protest your attempts to help them get it. Work with a sleep consultant to help navigate the transition to self-soothing and bedtime routines and ensure baby (and you!) are getting quality zzz’s.

With a certified Sleep Consultant

Post-birth Transitioning Back to Work

Review your plan for those first few weeks in the office. Discover techniques for developing a trusted circle of support among your colleagues, optimizing logistics to help manage the stress, and focusing on your goals.

With a certified Career Strategist

What some of our customers are saying about us...

"The ROI on LUCY is real. If I can get a female engineer to return to work because of the benefits LUCY provides, that costs me far less than having to replace her."

Lissa Minkin, VP People


LUCY helps us provide for our new parents in ways we couldn’t before. It’s not enough to simply offer parental leave; every child and family is different and has independent needs. By partnering with LUCY, our families feel cared for and supported through this exciting — and oftentimes challenging — phase of their lives

Katelin Holloway, VP People


"LUCY has sent a strong message to all of our employees that we support their families. It’s helped new parents ease the transition back to work and brought Planet to the forefront of family-friendly practices."

Cara Allamano, VP of People


Employees love interacting with LUCY.

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Frequently asked questions.

Set up a time to meet so we can show you how LUCY would work for your company.
I want LUCY for my company!

01 Does LUCY support both expecting moms and dads?

Yes we do! We support any path to parenthood, including people seeking to become parents via adoption or surrogacy; lesbian, gay and transgender parents; first time, second time, third time (and more!) parents & solo moms and dads.

02 What makes LUCY different than what my employees are offered through their insurance?

LUCY is a complete wrap around service. While your employees can get some of these services through their health insurance, it’s often inconvenient and not personal. Currently, there is no service providing coordinated care outside of routine doctor’s appointments or labor & delivery. LUCY steps in to fill this gap, ensuring your employees have the support they need to feel confident and cared for as they transition to new parenthood and back-to-work.

03 If my company offers LUCY, do I have to administer it?

Absolutely not. LUCY is a set and forget solution. We take care of everything!